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If you are looking for a home in Waukegan, Bee Sure to hire a qualified Waukegan home inspector. I have served Waukegan and the surrounding cites for years and have provided top quality Waukegan home inspections to many happy home buyers. It is to your advantage to be present during the home inspection in Waukegan; this will allow you to follow your home inspector and ask questions about how the house operates or as to why the identified defects are issues. As your Waukegan home inspector it is my job to give you my opinion of the condition of the house, as well as to give you maintenance and home care tips. The home inspection report will be delivered to you with digital images and an explanation of the identified defects or issues, as well as home care tips. I also can provide you with a mold inspection for an additional fee if you desire. Please call 773-425-8275 to schedule your Waukegan home inspection. Below you will find links to additional information about the city of Waukegan; courtesy of your Waukegan home inspector.

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Grayslake home inspector provides home inspections & mold inspections in Grayslake, Gurnee, Waukegan, Libertyville, Mundelein and surrounding cities. Please contact me at 773-425-8275
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